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Ouroboros Quilt Pattern (PRINT)

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There's a snake in my... quilt! Venture into intricate foundation paper piecing territory with this adventurous two-fer design: the original snake, "Hiss", or the slightly less serpentine ∞, "Infinity." Both versions finish at a monstrous 42" x 56".

Full color PRINTED pattern will be mailed to you via media mail (absent shipping upgrade) following purchase and includes:
- Coloring page
- Basic overview of foundation paper piecing using a simple, test block for those unfamiliar with the method or in need of a refresher
- Fabric selection guide to assist you in choosing fabrics for (1) your main figure (the snake or the infinity symbol) and (2) the graffiti design elements
- Technicolor illustrations of the full foundation depicting graffiti design elements on the main figure (snake or ∞) and corresponding lettered sections
- Full size foundation pattern (2 printed engineering sheets ARCH E-1 30" x 42") for both versions (snake or infinity symbol), including fabric key for main figure (snake or ∞) so you can customize your fabric swatches to match corresponding symbols used on the foundations.