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Inked Quilt Pattern (DIGITAL/PDF)


Say hello to your new underwater best friend who's been collecting so much ink over the years that his entire body from head to tentacles now proudly sports too many colorful tats to count. This cheeky cephalopod finishes at a modest-but-mighty 36" x 48".

Full color DIGITAL (PDF) pattern file will be emailed to you for download following purchase and includes:
- Coloring page
- Basic overview of foundation paper piecing using a simple, test block for those unfamiliar with the method or in need of a refresher
- Fabric selection guide to assist you in choosing fabrics for (1) your main figure (the octopus which really has only 7 arms and is technically a septopus) and (2) the graffiti design elements decorating his arms
- Technicolor illustrations of the full foundation depicting graffiti design elements on the main figure (the octopus) and corresponding lettered sections
- Full size foundation pattern file: 1 ARCH E 36" x 48" file that you can send for printing** at a local office store (think Staples or Office Depot), copy shop, or repro graphics shop (e.g., a store that prints engineering/architectural documents)
- Fabric key for main octopus so you can cut fabric swatches to match symbols used on the foundations.

**NOTE: The 36" x 48" engineering print files you'll receive as a download can also be poster-printed (or tile printed) on your home printer at 100% across multiple pages in lieu of sending to a copy shop. Note that printing on a home printer will require taping all pages back together before cutting into lettered sections for sewing. If you choose this approach, use scotch tape (NOT boxing tape), to ensure the foundations can still tear away without damaging your seams after sewing.